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Features & Benefits

Traditional Render
3D One Coat Render Systems

Site mixed render resulting in poor
quality concrete

Render applied by hand in 2 or 3 coats

Extends build time by weeks

Labour intensive

Finish is often sub-standard

Extended scaffold time

Needs repeated painting

Costly maintenance

Traditional finish

Creating features is complicated & time consuming

Guarantee unlikely

Prone to cracking

Poor technical backup

Factory bagged & blended ensures quality

20mm thick render applied in ONE coat

Allows much shorter build time

Machine applied by qualified tradesmen

20mm even coat of render is acheived

Scaffold is up for a minimum amount of time

Gentle textured coloured finish throughout

Low maintenance costs

Luxury appearance adds value to property

Special features like ashlar lines & bands are easily acheived

15 year manufacturers guarantee available

Glass fibre mesh gives greater resistance to cracking

Detailed technical suport & advice


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